Seven Trends in 2022

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Don't blink! Here we are, already halfway through the year. So in keeping with the "delayed circumstances" that the past two have brought us, let's talk trends for 2022, or at least the second half! Some of these you may have noticed already. With lockdown and WFH lifestyles, we literally had to take a good look around us…and sometimes just at each other. Did you feel like you needed more privacy? Perhaps even some boundaries if you weren't lucky enough to live alone? I bet some of you regret that most recent reno that included an "open plan." Maybe while you were caged inside, you sorely missed walls and doors at some point! This brings about the first major transition in interiors. 

1 | Be Gone Open Floor Plans

It's more important now than ever to feel like you have a space to retreat. Not just mentally, but physically. Floor plans will now focus again on separate rooms. By creating these divides, we allow for more canvas space. More walls equal more surfaces that need character! Even dark trims and moldings are replacing stark whites, and door hardware is anything but ordinary. Whether paint color, wallpaper, or art, here's a chance to dress it up! 

2 | Go BIG or Go Home

With all the new canvas space, designers are making bolder statements with interiors. I mean, really pushing the limits! Maximalism is taking over! Perhaps it was from feeling stifled all those months, but loud colors and daring prints are exploding at every turn. Think Great Gatsby style! Not only are we mixing patterns like our cocktails, but we're exploring our dark side too, with black accents adding a touch of drama to these retro-inspired spaces.

3 | Vintage pieces

We've always loved to create spaces that reflect real lived-in experiences, and one of our favorite ways to do that is by bringing in vintage pieces from around the world. Perhaps for you, it is through an heirloom found while decluttering your storage closet, or maybe you became inspired at a local thrift store. These antiques not only add a touch of historic chicness, but they allow us to rediscover past stories while curating our own happy endings! Why not bring those fond memories into your new space?  

4 | Curvalicious 

Speaking of memories, how many of you sat long and hard to reassess your life? Just because it was routine didn't make it OK. Some of you quit the rat race entirely and embraced your passions full-time. Well, furniture has ditched the 'straight and narrow' right along with you! Curved couches are the most noticeable shifts to happen this year. These fun lines are replacing the everyday style of the once-popular L-sectional. If corona culture taught us anything, we can catch that curve ball, survive the bend in the road, and swing into new paths as quickly as they sneak up on us. Be gone, regime, and go with the flow!

5 | Arches

Here we are again, fleeing from 'linear boredom'! Arches are appearing in everything, from windows and doorways to furniture detail and lighting-- even art. Many believe that passing through an arch is a symbolic act of rebirth, leaving the old behind and entering the new. These soft forms add a much-needed touch of comfort, and we hope they are here to stay.

6 | Bring the Outdoors In

Botanical-inspired décor is also providing us comfort in 2022 with oversized house plants, vine-motif wallpaper, indoor rock gardens-- you name it. Organic surfaces are wall-to-wall! Natural marble, alabaster, petrified wood, and raw brass are also popping up like weeds you can't get rid of! Even a shade of green, as you may already know, was named by Benjamin Moore as the color of the year. Getting in touch with nature is now easier than ever.

7 | Bold and BRIGHT

But what's the point of these trends if you can't show them off? Taking center stage this year is lighting! Maybe we're biased, but this is our favorite trend on the list. Chandeliers are loud and obnoxious. Lamps are wild with more personality than some people we know, and opulent wall sconces are transforming into artwork of their own with the flick of a switch. Let's wave goodbye to the modest farmhouse chic-- the Roaring 20s are back and just in time! Does the dining table only seat 6? That's OK; throw in a boisterous pendant anyway. Don't be scurred! It's guaranteed to add sparkle to your next dinner party.


If you're obsessed with interior design like I am, be sure to watch our Instagram stories and reels, we'll be tagging all the designers shown in this article plus a few more. 

So escape with us @escbermuda.


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