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Different from other sanitizers, our product has a sustainable cartridge system, eliminating the 1-use plastic options currently available. With the easy to use system, you can switch out your sanitizer fragrance and snap your new cartridge in for a compact, travel-ready, no-spill hand sanitizing experience! 


3 cartridges (1 of each Original Collection fragrance).  Not sure which fragrance is your favorite? Why choose!  Our original fragrance collection allows you to try all of our 'experiences' including Escape from the Sea, Rooftop Garden Champagne, and Day at the Spa. 

THE ORIGINAL COLLECTION (the ultimate trio):

Escape to the Sea (Blue): The cool essence of the sun-soaked ocean infused with hints of sea salt and coconut for a seaside escape.

Rooftop Garden Champagne (Pink)Floral fresh essence of a spring day infused with white champagne flowers with hints of orange peel and wild berries

Day at the Spa (Green): Relax with this scent infused with cucumber, honey, and sweet aromatherapies 


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