Candle Holders

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Showing 1 - 24 of 25 products

Showing 1 - 24 of 25 products
10" Twisted Tapers -Mint Ombre
16" Metal Taper Holder - Sand
7" Wire Nest Glass Ball Vase7" Wire Nest Glass Ball Vase
8" Wire Nest Glass Ball Vase8" Wire Nest Glass Ball Vase
Albasia Ribbed Candle HoldersAlbasia Ribbed Candle Holders
Candle Making Kits - 4oz TinCandle Making Kits - 4oz Tin
Cast Iron Flower Taper HolderCast Iron Flower Taper Holder
Circle Of Friends CandleHolder
Hand-Blown HurricaneHand-Blown Hurricane
Hand-Carved Wood Taper Holder
Metal Taper Holder - Sand
Mezcal & Agave Spirit Jar
Mindful Moments Candle Set - G
Mindful Moments Candle Set - J
Mindful Moments Candle Set - L
Recycled Glass Rattan VaseRecycled Glass Rattan Vase
Sandstone Tealight HoldersSandstone Tealight Holders
Sculpted Taper Candle - Khaki
Simplicity Taper Holder - Gold
Taper Holder - Crackle AquaTaper Holder - Crackle Aqua
Tea Light Holder in Mesh BagTea Light Holder in Mesh Bag
Terra-Cotta Candle Holder - AquaTerra-Cotta Candle Holder - Aqua
Terracotta Flower TL Holder

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