Potted Plants & Trees

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Showing 1 - 24 of 51 products
70" Fishtail Palm in Pot
47" Fishtail Palm in Pot
4.5' Areca Palm in Pot
36" Carolina Spruce Teardrop
1Q Stoneware Watering Can1Q Stoneware Watering Can
8' Phoenix Palm
58" Agave In Grey Stone Pot
17" Boston Fern Potted Plant17" Boston Fern Potted Plant
21" Aloe Plant In Pot
82.65" Cherry Blossom Tree
55" Cordyline Plant In Pot
6' Areca Palm In Pot - Green
7' Mountain Laurel Leaf Tree
24" Ava Faux Triple Orchid Pink24" Ava Faux Triple Orchid Pink
8" Aris Faux Boxwood Topiary8" Aris Faux Boxwood Topiary
Riviera Potted Snake PlantRiviera Potted Snake Plant
Rubber Tree Potted PlantRubber Tree Potted Plant
String Of Pearls SucculentString Of Pearls Succulent
Ivy Hanging Faux Potted PlantIvy Hanging Faux Potted Plant
30" Bamboo Faux Potted Plant
18" Bamboo Faux Potted Plant

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