Faux Plants

Faux Plants

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Showing 1 - 24 of 321 products

Showing 1 - 24 of 321 products
23" Capstan Flared Vase23" Capstan Flared Vase
7" Abstract Face Vase - Pink7" Abstract Face Vase - Pink
7" Abstract Face Vase - White7" Abstract Face Vase - White
3" Stag Silver Hurricane Vase3" Stag Silver Hurricane Vase
9" WoodlandPine Hurricane Vase9" WoodlandPine Hurricane Vase
7" WoodlandPine Hurricane Vase7" WoodlandPine Hurricane Vase
5" WoodlandPine Hurricane Vase5" WoodlandPine Hurricane Vase
3" WoodlandPine Hurricane Vase
Striped Stoneware Planter
Stoneware Crock - White
Sand Blasted Glass Vase - Blue
Handmade Organic Sculpted VaseHandmade Organic Sculpted Vase
Hand-Blown Glass Organic VaseHand-Blown Glass Organic Vase
Stoneware Vase w/ PrintStoneware Vase w/ Print
Planter w/ Frog On Rims
1Q Stoneware Watering Can1Q Stoneware Watering Can
Hurricane Vase w/ Wood BaseHurricane Vase w/ Wood Base
8' Phoenix Palm
58" Agave In Grey Stone Pot
39" Aloe In White Bulb Pot
Large Fern In Small White Pot
9" Takara Pattern Vase
Tapered Mini Succuclent -SpikeTapered Mini Succuclent -Spike

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