Fluorescent/CFL Bulbs

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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 products
4' T8 Fluorescent Bulb4' T8 Fluorescent Bulb
4' T8 Fluorescent Bulb
Sale price$8.00
In stock, 5232 units
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32W T8 U-Bend Bulb32W T8 U-Bend Bulb
32W T8 U-Bend Bulb
Sale price$15.00
In stock, 387 units
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3' T8 Fluorescent Bulb
3' T8 Fluorescent Bulb
Sale price$8.50
In stock, 122 units
F6T4 64OOK Fluor 12" TubeF6T4 64OOK Fluor 12" Tube
F6T4 64OOK Fluor 12" Tube
Sale price$9.00
In stock, 59 units
9W PL-Twin Tube 41K9W PL-Twin Tube 41K
9W PL-Twin Tube 41K
Sale price$12.00
Sold out
26 Watt Quad 4-Pin Bulb26 Watt Quad 4-Pin Bulb
26 Watt Quad 4-Pin Bulb
Sale priceFrom $6.50
In stock, 10 units
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F35T5/841 60" Fluor TubeF35T5/841 60" Fluor Tube
F35T5/841 60" Fluor Tube
Sale price$12.00
In stock, 92 units
F24T5/841/HO Mini Fluor TubeF24T5/841/HO Mini Fluor Tube
F24T5/841/HO Mini Fluor Tube
Sale price$12.00
In stock, 7 units
4' T5 Fluorescent Bulb4' T5 Fluorescent Bulb
4' T5 Fluorescent Bulb
Sale price$10.00
In stock, 26 units
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2' Fluorescent Bulb2' Fluorescent Bulb
2' Fluorescent Bulb
Sale priceFrom $7.75
In stock, 71 units
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32W T9 12" Circline (FC12T9CW)32W T9 12" Circline (FC12T9CW)
32W T9 12" Circline (FC12T9CW)
Sale price$9.00
Sold out
13W Sub Mini - FM13T2/830- 30K13W Sub Mini - FM13T2/830- 30K
13W Sub Mini - FM13T2/830- 30K
Sale price$16.50
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13W 4Pin 4100K - CF13D841/E13W 4Pin 4100K - CF13D841/E
13W 4Pin 4100K - CF13D841/E
Sale price$7.50
In stock, 2 units
13W 2Pin 2700K - CF13D82713W 2Pin 2700K - CF13D827
13W 2Pin 2700K - CF13D827
Sale price$6.00
Sold out
13W 2Pin 4100K - CF13D84113W 2Pin 4100K - CF13D841
13W 2Pin 4100K - CF13D841
Sale price$6.00
Sold out

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