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2021 best of bermuda | Home decor

Morgan Dagata

Having studied Design at Suffolk University’s “New England School of Art and Design”, Art at Elon University, and Renaissance Art at Accademia Europea di Firenze (AEF) in Florence, Morgan graduated from Elon University with a BA in Art and a concentration in graphic design 3 years ago. She began her career as a junior graphic designer in New York City at F.Schumacher & Co., focusing on brand marketing and digital design.

In Morgans free time, she continued to develop her skills in acrylic painting. After a few exhibitions and gallery showings, it was evident her career path needed to encompass both art and graphic design. Thus, Morgan Dagata Art was created.

  1. 11x14" Giclee Print - Granny's
  1. 16"x16" Canvas - Butterfly Koi
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  1. Sold Out
  1. 8x10 Giclee Print - Earth Tone
  1. 8x10" Giclee Succulent Print - Teal