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Showing 1 - 24 of 24 products
Pancake Box
Fromm Pancake Box
Sale price$6.25
In stock
4" Mud Box
Fromm 4" Mud Box
Sale price$17.95
In stock
4" Octagonal Box Shallow4" Octagonal Box Shallow
Fromm 4" Octagonal Box Shallow
Sale price$5.50
In stock
Deep Octagonal Metal Box
Fromm Deep Octagonal Metal Box
Sale price$7.50
In stock
Octagonal Extension Ring
Fromm Octagonal Extension Ring
Sale price$5.75
In stock
4x4 Metal Box4x4 Metal Box
Fromm 4x4 Metal Box
Sale price$6.85
In stock
4x4 Metal Deep Box4x4 Metal Deep Box
Fromm 4x4 Metal Deep Box
Sale price$10.50
In stock
4" Square Extension Ring
4-11/16 Metal Box4-11/16 Metal Box
FROMM Electric Supply 4-11/16 Metal Box
Sale price$13.95
In stock
4-11/16" Extension Ring
Utility BoxUtility Box
Fromm Utility Box
Sale price$5.55
In stock
Utility Box Extension Ring
Shallow Wall Case Metal Box
Wall Case Box
Fromm Wall Case Box
Sale price$5.95
In stock
1 Gang Masonary Box
6x6x4Metal"J"HingedCover w/ko6x6x4Metal"J"HingedCover w/ko
8x8x4Metal"J"HingedCover w/ko8x8x4Metal"J"HingedCover w/ko
10x10x4 Metal"J"Hinged Cover10x10x4 Metal"J"Hinged Cover
6x6x4 Metal"J" Box ScrewCover
8x8x4Metal"J"Box ScrewCover
10x10x4"J"Metal Box ScrewCover

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