Surat, Gujarat
6 hours ago

La Petite Soiree

I've always had an eye out for products for my kids that are unique, whimsical, and high-quality.  During a family vacation my husband and I discovered the brand Meri Meri. I immediately became excited and thought WOW! this is perfect for my children's parties!   
Then I thought about access to this for all kids in Bermuda – which led me to create La Petite Soiree.  
As I began to place orders I considered on-trend baby products that I love to buy, but always had to purchase overseas. Products that other moms and dads had interest in.  As a result I developed relationships with unique brands and carefully curated high-quality gifts that are stylish, fun, and just awesome!  
Gift-giving is a gift in itself, and when you're giving these products you’re giving a little bit of magic. 
Niamah Denbrook Cann
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