WAC Lighting

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Showing 1 - 24 of 64 products
8' H Track8' H Track
WAC Lighting 8' H Track
Sale price$146.25
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6' H Track6' H Track
WAC Lighting 6' H Track
Sale priceFrom $84.00
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12V Electronic Transformer - 60w12V Electronic Transformer - 60w
3" LED Adjust Inground Fixture3" LED Adjust Inground Fixture
Accent 120V Flood Light - BBRAccent 120V Flood Light - BBR
LED Mushroom Fixture - BBRLED Mushroom Fixture - BBR
Solo MonopointSolo Monopoint
WAC Lighting Solo Monopoint
Sale price$72.00
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LED Round Landscape Light - BZLED Round Landscape Light - BZ
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Low Voltage 846 Track HeadLow Voltage 846 Track Head
WAC Lighting Low Voltage 846 Track Head
Sale price$60.00 Regular price$120.00
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Rialto Track Head
WAC Lighting Rialto Track Head
Sale price$58.50 Regular price$117.00
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Low Voltage 817 Double HeadLow Voltage 817 Double Head
WAC Lighting Low Voltage 817 Double Head
Sale price$124.60 Regular price$178.00
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Low Voltage 876 Track Head
WAC Lighting Low Voltage 876 Track Head
Sale price$63.00 Regular price$126.00
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Low Voltage 856 TrackLow Voltage 856 Track
WAC Lighting Low Voltage 856 Track
Sale price$67.43 Regular price$134.85
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14" Hemmingway (Plug-In)14" Hemmingway (Plug-In)
WAC Lighting 14" Hemmingway (Plug-In)
Sale price$193.50 Regular price$387.00
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15" LED Vibe (Plug-In)15" LED Vibe (Plug-In)
WAC Lighting 15" LED Vibe (Plug-In)
Sale price$289.80 Regular price$414.00

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