Young’UN – is a new line of textiles & stationery under the NETTLEINK brand, specifically designed and tailored to the younger market.

As creative director of Nettleink, Andrea Lopes, born and raised in Bermuda, trained in Atlanta and London in both textiles & fashion and graphic design. She has been a prominent figure in the creative arena for the last 20+ years. In her graphic design role at [zac] Design, she has worked with a large portion of the corporate community and has been the driving force behind many small local businesses in their branding and advertising portfolio. With over 15 years also designing wedding and special event pieces, launch of her retail line was an organic, welcomed addition and has been a powerhouse ever since.

Illustrator, designer, artisan, wife, mom – for those who know her and brand best, can attest to the love of craft and drive for creative collaboration & perfection. Her love of island, culture, texture, colour and people is paramount in the abstract interpretation of each product.

All designed, packaged and processed, in studio in Bermuda with help and support of the Nettleink creative team.