LED Under Cabinet Bar

Size: 12 Inch
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The Sunlite LED Linkable Under Cabinet Light Fixture is the perfect way to add some modern touches to your home without having to hire an electrician. With the easy installation instructions, you can have a modern looking home within minutes! Since they are connectable, adding multiple fixtures can add more light to areas that do not receive it. With its high lumen output, long-lasting LEDs, and its adjustable color temperature options, the LED Linkable Under Cabinet Light Fixture makes for a perfect task and coverage light in any area!

12" - (W) 0.91 (H) 1.18 (D) 12.32 
Brightness 500 Lumens

22" - W) 0.91 (H) 1.18 (D) 22.56
      -Brightness 900 Lumens

34" - (W) 0.91 (H) 1.18 (D) 34.37
      -Brightness 1200 Lumens

46" - (W) 0.91 (H) 1.18 (D) 46.18
      -Brightness 1600 Lumens

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