Bermuda Ocean Breeze Diffuser

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For those that would much rather love to be by the ocean, featuring our Bermuda Ocean Breeze scent, with a luxury experience.

So Lovely in everyway, looks and scent!

This well- rounded fragrance marries the notes of salty ozone and aromatic sea air, which gives a delightful and distinctive smell of fresh citrus.

Health and Wellness /Benefits of Reed Diffusers

You may already be aware of the benefits of using Aromatherapy in your daily life.
There are different ways to use essentials oils, using a diffuser is one way to absorb oils that can help with your mood, sleep, digestion, smell good feeling and much more.
Reed Diffusers release the benefits of essential oils. No burning or electricity required, and safer than air fresheners.
Some essential oils can help promote cognitive function, focus and memory.
Reed Diffusers can enhance your ambience and bring appealing aromas to your home.
To get the most life out of your reed diffuser make sure to flip some or all sticks each week. For stronger scent flip them every week to have a lighter scent flip them less often. Use tissue to keep oils off your hands.
Reed Diffusers can be an attraction addition to your Home Decor.

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