GE 100A Transfer Switch

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GE Industrial Spec-Setter™ 2-Pole Emergency power transfer switch is rated at 240-Volt AC and 100-Amps. It features DPDT contact configuration. Non-fusible switch accommodates copper/aluminum conductors of size 12 - 1-AWG. It operates at the frequency rating of 50/60-Hz. Switch has galvanized steel housing to withstand daily wear and tear. It measures 15.1-Inch x 7.2-Inch x 5.2-Inch. This switch is suitable for using as service equipment when installed in accordance with the National Electrical Code.
  • Suitable for use as transfer equipment in standby systems in accordance with Article 702 of the National Electrical Code
  • Conductor rating of 60/75 deg C
  • Lockable handle in ON or OFF position

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